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In today’s world of building and construction, there are a variety of jobs that require steel in one form or another. It’s virtually impossible to create any type of structure or commercial fabrication without using steel or steel piping. Some of these include:

  • Steel fencing – This can be for use in an equestrian or farm setting, or virtually any environment where the security and stability of steel fence is required.
  • Pipeline – Steel pipelines can carry liquids such as oil, gasoline, water or any number of chemicals. We have this available in a wide variety of sizes.
  • Directional drilling (such as drilling for a water well) – Drilling for a well requires long steel piping cut to specific lengths, and we can supply whatever is needed.
  • Steel for the well casing itself – After the hole has been drilled for the well, the structure of the well itself is also typically composed of steel so that it is durable and reliable.
  • Culverts – Civil engineering often dictates that culverts be installed at various locations near roadways, driveways and ditches, so that any water runoff can continue unabated. A steel culvert meets this need easily.
  • Many more – When you think of just about any large structure that is built today, from a house to an office building, a church, a school or a grocery store, they all require steel in some form. In most cases, steel is a primary component in a lot of different parts of the building, in order to make it structurally sound and to meet construction ordinances.

We know you have a choice when it comes to getting the steel and pipe products that you need for your project. We talk to general contractors and builders on a regular basis every day, and we are proud to say that we have a very high percentage of repeat business. You don’t get customers coming back to you job after job unless they are happy with the service. Our goal is to make sure our customers are delighted.

The other factor is price. Obviously, the price you pay for materials has a direct effect on the profit margin for each job, and your bottom line monthly and annually. We have the most competitive pricing in this area – compare and see for yourself.

Some of the types of Steel and Pipe products that we offer:

Rounds Rounds
Pipe_Fittings Pipe_Fittings
Angle Angle
Square_Tubing Square_Tubing
Rebar Rebar
Sheets Sheets
Bar_Grading Bar_Grading
Round_Tubing Round_Tubing
Channel Channel
Expanded_Metal Expanded_Metal
Flat_Bar Flat_Bar
Floor_Plate Floor_Plate

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